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Friend of Add-ons: Trishul Goel

Our newest Friend of Add-ons is Trishul Goel! Trishul first became involved with Mozilla five years when he was introduced to the Firefox OS smartphone. As a JavaScript developer with an interest in Mozilla’s mission, he looked for opportunities to get involved and began contributing to SUMO, L10n, and the Firefox OS Marketplace, where he contributed code and developed and reviewed apps.

After Firefox OS was discontinued as a commercial product, Trishul became interested in contributing to Mozilla’s add-ons projects. After landing his first code contributions to addons.mozilla.org (AMO), he set about learning how to develop extensions for Firefox using WebExtensions APIs. Soon, he began sharing his knowledge by leading and mentoring  workshops for extension developers as part of Mozilla’s “Build Your Own Extension” Activate campaign.

In the last year, Trishul has contributed more than 45 patches to Mozilla’s add-ons repositories, published 11 extensions to AMO, served as a member of the Featured Add-ons Advisory Board, and created a great set of WebExtensions APIs tutorials for new extension developers. Currently, he is an active Mozilla Rep and Tech Speaker, and is writing React code for AMO.

When asked what he has gained from his experience contributing to Mozilla, Trishul says, “I grew my skill set while coding for Mozilla. I’ve learned how to mentor people and how to work on a cross-culture remote team.”

In his free time, Trishul enjoys traveling and mountain biking.

Congratulations, Trishul, and thank you for your contributions to the add-ons community!

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  1. Robert Ab wrote on

    Support development of/vote on APIs needed by session managers (Session Manager, Tab Mix Plus, TSM, MySessions):

  2. Md Atique Ahmed Ziad wrote on

    Congrats Trishul bro 🙂