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More Recommended extensions added to Firefox for Android Nightly

Dec. 12, 2023 UPDATE: Please see this post for the most updated information around extensions on Firefox for Android.


As we mentioned recently, we’re adding Recommended extensions to Firefox for Android Nightly as a broader set of APIs become available to accommodate more add-on functionality. We just updated the collection with some new Recommended extensions, including…

Mobile favorites Video Background Play Fix (keeps videos playing in the background even when you switch tabs) and Google Search Fixer (mimics the Google search experience on Chrome) are now in the fold.

Privacy related extensions FoxyProxy (proxy management tool with advanced URL pattern matching) and Bitwarden (password manager) join popular ad blockers Ghostery and AdGuard.

Dig deeper into web content with Image Search Options (customizable reverse image search tool) and Web Archives (view archived web pages from an array of search engines). And if you end up wasting too much time exploring images and cached pages you can get your productivity back on track with Tomato Clock (timed work intervals) and LeechBlock NG (block time-wasting websites).

The new Recommended extensions will become available for Firefox for Android Nightly on 26 September, If you’re interested in exploring these new add-ons and others on your Android device, install Firefox Nightly and visit the Add-ons menu. Barring major issues while testing on Nightly, we expect these add-ons to be available in the release version of Firefox for Android in November.

3 comments on “More Recommended extensions added to Firefox for Android Nightly”

  1. Flimm wrote on

    Yes! I am excited to have LeechBlock NG on my phone!

    1. Joost wrote on

      Likewise. Switching to Nightly immediately just for this 🙂

      1. Johannes wrote on

        Me too! I had to uninstall firefox because without leechblock it was too addictive on my phone. Now I can get it back! Thank you guys. Good job!