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Mozillians use Popcorn to Capture and Share their Knowledge

Who knew?  Mozillians are using Popcorn Maker for Knowledge Capture!

Last week David Boswell hosted a community builders meet up in Toronto.  The event was a great success. There the community builders did a Video Sprint to answer:  “if you were teaching a new community builder about how to be good at growing and supporting community, what would you teach?”

Turned out,  2 of the 3 videos we’re done in Popcorn.  Problem is, hosing a popcorn video won’t work on our Air.Mozilla channel.  And, since so Mozillians are flocking to popcorn to do their knowledge capture, we need to address this.

For now, here are the links to the videos that  used popcorn:

If you captured your special knowledge, where/how would you do it on video?



2 comments on “Mozillians use Popcorn to Capture and Share their Knowledge”

  1. Regnard Raquedan wrote on

    Hi! Thanks for sharing my Popcorn project. 😀

    1. dbondi wrote on

      You are so welcome Regnard, it is such a great little story. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge!