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Help us fight for privacy

PrivacyDay_blogImage_125x125_v2Fighting for data privacy — making sure people know who has access to their data, where it goes or could go, and that they have a choice in all of it — is part of Mozilla’s DNA. Privacy is an integral part of building an Internet where people come first.

“Individuals’ security and privacy on the Internet is fundamental and must not be treated as optional.” ~ Mozilla Manifesto (principle #4)”

How you can help – Pathways for privacy contribution

Over the past few months, the Mozilla privacy team has worked closely with the Community Building Team to create a pathway for privacy contribution. With support from tools built by the Mozilla Foundation, participation opportunities now exist for privacy pros and enthusiasts.

Pathway for privacy pros (experts):

Collaborate with the Webmaker community to make to a series of Teaching Kits and activities around privacy and security on the Web. Share your ideas here.

Join a content sprint and help create new content or help add examples, case studies, and photos to existing teaching kits like this one.

Make a Popcorn video tutorial about one of our privacy add-ons like this one made by a Mozilla enthusiast in India (remixed).

Create a teaching kit for a group that handles personal data, such as student organizations, youth sports, Mozilla contributors, and more. Share your ideas here.

Pathway for privacy enthusiasts (non-experts):

Provide feedback on the Webmaker Privacy and Security Teaching Kit.

Suggest a catchy name for our new group of privacy contributors and/or help design a logo. Share your ideas here.

Teach online privacy with Mozilla’s Webmaker Privacy and Security Teaching Kit.

Organize local showings of the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” and help moderate a discussion. Jeff Beatty did this in Utah with wild success. (email stacy at mozilla dot com)

Quick actions for all Mozillians:

Share tweets from our Twitter feed and posts from our Facebook page on January 28th to help spread the word about Privacy Day. (Well have snippet and newsletter content too).

Earn a Privacy Day 2014: Action Taker badge for taking action like downloading or helping others to download Lightbeam, privacy add-ons, or DNT. (More info to come on this!)

Attend one or both of these privacy-related brownbags:

Privacy Training: Starting the Conversation
Tuesday, January 28th, 21:00 UTC (1:00pm PST)
Presenter: Mozilla Engineer, Ally Naaktgeboren
SFO Commons, Air Mozilla
See Air Mozilla for more info.

The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto: Getting from Policy to Code to QA to Value
Guest speaker: Co-author and privacy expert, Michelle Dennedy
Thursday, January 30, 2014, 23:00 UTC (3:00pm PST)
SFO Commons, MTV 10 Fwd, Air Mozilla
See Air Mozilla for more info.

Download the book “The Privacy Engineer’s Manifesto” once it’s released on Safari Books. Get an account here.

Listen to Alex Fowler talk about our response to President Obama’s speech about government surveillance reform on the radio yesterday.

Privacy is a key component of trust and fundamental to our mission. We fight passionately on it’s behalf at the highest level of government. And, at the end of the day, it is through people acting in small ways, over time, when our values come to life. In addition to the things above, we’d love to know how you bring privacy to life or plan to. Leave us a comment.

If you have any questions about any of this, please reach out to Stacy Martin (stacy at mozilla dot com), she knows a lot about privacy. Privacy geeks (might be all of us :), there’s lots more here.