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We Love Mozfest! Mozilla Communities Newsletter, November 2014

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November 2014

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Why do you contribute, Leo McArdle?

Last week, Mozilla Communities caught up with Leo McArdle at the fifth annual Mozilla Festival in London, England.Leo started contributing to Mozilla when he was 11 years old. Now 17, he’s a Mozilla Rep and community leader. Leo’s involvement ranges from answering questions for SuMo to Learning and Teaching the WebLeo has attended all four Mozilla Festivals in the UK and has been excited to see how it’s grown as a global tech event. This year’s festival brought together 1700 tech leaders from around the world to hack, play, and learn together at Ravensbourne College.

Leo has “big plans” for the Mozilla UK community, and invites everyone to join them today.

In his words, “MozFest presents a lot of opportunities for doing things which help others and are personally gratifying… we need people with hands-on, on-the ground, experience – and that is what we get [there].”

Keep the spirit of Mozfest alive!

Want to hack, play, and grow in the spirit of MozFest all year long? Check out these awesome opportunities!

  • Hack on BRCK, an application to bring connectivity to more places around the world.

In their own words… Joe Reddington, new Mozillian


Over 1,600 educators, community-builders, technologists and creators from nearly 50 countries met in London from October 24-26, 2014 for the fifth MozFest.As expected for a mind-blowing alternative tech extravaganza, MozFest featured rousing keynotes and calls to action, demos of amazing hacks of technology for social change and hundreds of sessions on topics from open standards for musicians to building sentient news articles.

As a first time attendee, I was blown away by the interactions on the stairs, in the cafe, or at the demos where you could turn to the person next to you and say “So what’s the cool thing you are doing?” and they’d know!From improving access to medical research, developing a standard for civic tech, or teaching kids to teardown routers, every single person I spoke to was working to make the world better in an open and free way.

Join Joe and 10,500 other Mozillians to…

  • Get into the Mozilla Youth Zone with EPIK.

Teaching kids to code with Mozilla and Coder Dojo!

CoderDojo CEO, Mary Moloney, said in her opening keynote Saturday morning, “if a 9 year old thinks they can change the world, at 11 they’re changing it” – inspiring the crowd of over 1700.

CoderDojo and Mozilla empowers kids around the world to code,the festival featured a joint session between CoderDojo and Mozilla where 20 CoderDojo ninjas showcased what they have learned.

Mozilla is proud to partner with CoderDojo to inspire the next generation of tech leaders.

Pic of the week

MozFest Group Photo

Pic of the week

Mozilla Reps at MozFest

Photos by Christos Bacharakis,Mozilla Rep.

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