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Bringing Participation to Whistler

Mozilla at Whistler 2010

Mozilla at Whistler 2010

The Participation Team is heading to Whistler this week where we’ll be running an innovative series of discussions, presentations, and workshops all centered around creating an approach to participation that is massive and diverse, local and global, strategic and impactful.

Whether you will be joining us in person or following along online. Here’s an overview of what we’ll be up to this week and how you can get involved:

Skills Building: Human Centered Design
Tuesday July 23rd 3:30pm-5pm

The Participation Team will be participation in an open session about design thinking and problem solving both generally and as they relate to specific projects. Please arrive promptly at 3:30pm if you’d like to participate!

Join in person: 3:30pm in the Participation Room in the Delta Whistler Village Suites hotel.
Join remotely: Follow us on discourse and Twitter using the hashtag #MozParticipation to find out what we’re learning during this session.

TED Style Talks: Exploring Radical Participation at Whistler
Wednesday June 24th at 4:30pm

A series of invited experts on participation will challenge us in short TED-style talks, bringing thought-provoking ideas on Radical Participation. Then join over one hundred Mozillians who care about participation as we come up with some rough designs for what radical participation could look like at Mozilla in the years ahead. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Natalie Foster – Co-founder and Executive Director of Peers, the world’s largest independent sharing economy community, and former digital director for President Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) and the Democratic National Committee.
  • Jono Bacon – Senior Director of Community at XPrize where he leads community development and growth XPRIZE Foundation. He is the author of The Art of Community and the former Ubuntu Community Manager.
  • Jeremy Bird – is a founding Partner at 270 Strategies and a longtime strategist. He also was the National Field Director for the 2012 re-election camapgin of President Barack Obama where he was  dubbed the campaign’s  “Field General” by Rolling Stone Magazine.
  • See the full list of speakers  here

Join in person: Wednesday June 24th at 4:30pm in Sea to Sky Ballroom C at the Whistler Conference Center
Join remotely: Watch live on AirMozilla at 11:30pm UTC on June 24th, join the discussion on discourse and read the  blog afterwards for a synthesis of the most poignant ideas.

Personalized Design: 26 Participation Lab Sessions
Wednesday June 24th – Thursday June 25 9:30am – 9:00pm

We’re hosting customized sessions throughout the work week to help teams solve problems and capture opportunities related to contributor or volunteer engagement, user/supporter/contributor participation, and many other topics related to participation. With over 26 projects registered we’ll be meeting with teams throughout the week.

View the full schedule and the description of each project below.

Join us in person: Registration is now closed for customized Lab sessions, however the Participation Room (Raven A + B at Delta Whistler Village Suites hotel) will be open to all throughout the week.
Join remotely: What do you think of the sessions? Send us your thoughts and questions on discourse.

Participation Moving Forward – Strategy Session
Friday July 26th 8:30am-10am

On the last day of Whistler the Participation Team will be gathering with volunteers, staff, and experts to think about what participation might look like at Mozilla 10, 15, 20 years in the future.

Join in person: Participation Room (Raven A + B) at Delta Whistler Village Suites. Please arrive promptly at 8:30am if you’d like to participate.
Join remotely: Share your thoughts/visions for the future of participation at Mozilla on discourse here.

Read more about the Lab and what we’ve been up to in Emma Irwin’s post “Participation Lab, What We’re Learning”.


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  1. Caroline Smalley wrote on

    Yikes! Just heard about this via Instagram! GREAT to see this coming to our so much loved home town! Just sorry I hadn’t heard about it a little earlier. Not least because October 5th – 9th will see experts in the new economy convening to develop an action plan for bringing a Whistler-borne initiative: to life.

    Attendees to Octobers event include founder of (a key partner to CM), Michel Bauwens; founder of,, and, Arthur Brock (, and New Economic Foundations – – Leander Bindewald.

    The event is supported by our ‘learning’ sponsor, a major Australian Financial Services co. It’ll take place at Whistler’s Cultural Centre. For more information, or to explore potential for collaboration, I can be reached at

    re: today.. just back from another collaboration ‘Next Edge’ event in Montreal: – will try to make it @3:30 🙂


    ‘Our mission at The Citizens Media® – CM – is to build a social movement centered on genuine practices of sharing and cooperation in the production and consumption of goods and services.
    It does this by combining an investment co-op, communications platform and mobile exchange to connect investors, developers and supporters of projects serving people and planet, into one big community.

    The purpose of this 5-day gathering is to unite new economy thought leaders in a ‘hands-on’ developmental experience building – and acquiring support for – a comprehensive action plan through which CM’s mission can be achieved.’