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Minutes of Weekly Meeting 10/18

As always, the weekly meeting agendas and minutes can be found at


  • Status of 1.10 tiki upgrade
    • Upgrade scheduled for next Tuesday (for real this time, because morgamic will be here in MV).

Knowledge Base

  • Article layout proposal by djst [1]
    • Breadcrumbs merged into one at the top (patch ready by jason)
    • Search box moved to right side to get article content better focus
    • Chat bubbles removed in favor or a subtle corner frame similar (AMO design)
    • Action box split up to the most common actions as a menu strip inside the content area, and the rest as a sidebar box (not shown in the mockup because the mockup is for users not logged in)
    • New background gradient copied from the new Firefox Upgraded page
    • Language selector not in the mockup, but should be next to the Print and Edit links, or up in the breadcrumb.
  • Jason has started hacking on the TikiWiki source code (templates, css) and has patches ready for Sumo (blocked by the 1.10 upgrade).
  • Standard for adding troubleshooting links
    • Point raised that this should be what the “More Like This” box is for
    • Chris to modify an existing article to show his proposal so we have something to evaluate. Chris to post in the newsgroup when ready.
  • No updates on l10n leaders. djst has tried to schedule a meeting with Axel Hecht and is waiting for his reply.
  • Blog category for community newsletters set up.
    • Proposal to rename the category.
    • Can rename the category title, but let’s not rename the feed rss url unless absolutely necessary, because we don’t have access to the server.
  • Reiterating our need for a simple way to review an article change. Ideally, we should be able to see a list of the articles that are different in the staging version compared to the live version, and see a diff between them. Finally, there should be a button named e.g. “Commit Changes”, which a reviewer could click on to commit the proposed changes.
  • Discussion about article discussion comments and a way to make obsolete comments expire.
    • Not a high priority item at this point
    • For now, just delete any comments that don’t make sense anymore and just adds noise for content reviewers and editors.


  • No updates this week.

Live Chat

  • Lucy has tinkered with the admin panel and made a table of the current preferences in the software and suggested changes. [2]
  • Gather feedback in the newsgroup about the preferences and make a decision before next meeting.
  • By next meeting, decide a test day for live chat

Other issues

  • Question if the database of the staging server can be updated right now by IT, or if it has to wait until after the live server upgrade.
    • Talked to Justin, the database can be updated within a day, pending approval by morgamic. [3]

2 comments on “Minutes of Weekly Meeting 10/18”

  1. Jesper Kristensen wrote on


    Nice layout. Really simple.

    But I still don’t like the breadcrumbs bar. Why “Mozilla Knowledgebase” instead of just “Knowledgebase” and why “Support” instead of “Firefox Support” (like in the green search bar)? Same goes for the red title.

    If you only support Firefox, and not all of Mozilla, that is fine. But don’t promise to be all Mozilla Support when you don’t keep that promise.

  2. David Tenser wrote on

    Good points. This should be corrected.