Show people how to use Firefox!

It would be very cool if we could make videos/screencasts for a few of the more popular “help” articles in the knowledge base. I did some basic software research and found a program called Jing, which is free, easy to use, and works on Windows and Mac. It can record what you’re doing on your computer and save it as a video clip, which can then be uploaded and integrated into a knowledge base article on

Sample video

Some articles that we could produce video clips for:

Anyone interested in making one of these videos, or working on making the list of videos to produce more complete?

We also need a short page with instructions on how to make the videos, e.g.

  • where to get the software and how to install and use it
  • guidelines, e.g
    • use a default desktop background for the OS
    • use a new firefox profile (no add-ons, standard toolbars, etc)
    • if the video is just about the search bar, only record that part of firefox to make the video smaller
    • how to upload and embed a video in an article

    If you want to record a video clip, or if you have suggestions for more articles that would benefit from it, or if you want to write that short instruction page, please join us in the newsgroup, or comment in this blog!