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Server upgrade tonight

The knowledge base of is using TikiWiki, an open-source content management system. We are excited to let you know that tonight around 7 pm PST, we will upgrade TikiWiki to version 1.10, which will give us a number of bug fixes and improvements, such as:

We’re expecting the upgrade to happen seamlessly with zero downtime.  However, if you see any problems with the new version, please let us know, either in the newsgroup, or here in the blog.

After the upgrade, we will work on the remaining bugs in the 0.1 milestone, which should be completed this week. If you would like to suggest further improvements or help hacking on the software, please let us know, or join the awesome TikiWiki community. We’d love to see you involved!

Thanks to Nelson Ko from the TikiWiki community, and Mike Morgan from Mozilla for helping with this software upgrade.