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Meeting up with the SUMO team IRL

This week the SUMO team has been working together in the Mozilla Toronto office. Also, Nelson Ko from the TikiWiki community joined us for a couple of days. It has been a great experience to work more closely as a team. During these intense days, we’ve not only gotten to know each other more, but also:

  • planned a future Video/Screencast contest, which will be a great opportunity to make better known and improve its content,
  • decided on what user feedback/statistics we want to collect for the knowledge base,
  • decided on how to categorize our content and how we want to present that to the users,
  • fixed a number of important bugs for the (still not completed) 0.1 milestone,
  • generally brainstormed and discussed various ideas and issues.

A big thanks to Nelson who prolonged his stay in Toronto to meet up with us!

Because this week has been all about working together as a team “in real life,” and because our flights would conflict with it, today’s weekly SUMO meeting will be cancelled. Regular meetings will resume again on November 8th.