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Minutes of Weekly Meeting 11/27

  • Sumo
    • Weekly metrics [1]
      • Changed time span from Thursdays-Wednesdays to Sundays-Saturdays since we’ve changed meeting day to Tuesdays
      • “firefox 3” and “beta” both in top 5 search terms
    • Support:Search Requirements
      • List of proposed requirements for the search engine replacement written by Jason
      • We should all read it and make sure it covers what we need.
  • Knowledge Base
    • Firefox 3 articles [2]
      • Alix will provide a list of features that are more or less finalized, so we can start filing bugs for new articles for Firefox 3.
      • We can update existing articles for Firefox 3, but we need to mark the pages clearly so people running both Fx2 and Fx3 can follow the instructions.
      • Suggestion (djst: not mentioned in the meeting): use one of more keywords for articles about Firefox 3, e.g. “beta” or “firefox3”.
        • “beta” is the top 5 search term.
    • Versions plugin [3]
      • Discussion about our requirements, decision that client-based logic using js/css is the best way to go.
      • [4] summarizes our need
      • Drop-down list or menu where you can override the auto-detected Firefox version and OS, which should be remembered.
      • Version of Firefox should be “either/or,” i.e. Firefox 2 OR Firefox 3.
      • OS should preferably be “one or all,” i.e. Windows or “All OSes.” Not a requirement, though.
        • Important that pages are marked up properly so it looks good when viewing an article for all OSes or for just a single one.
      • Need to verify with WebDev that this is in line with their performance/security requirements
    • 44 unwritten articles, 5 assigned [5]
      • Everyone on the team: feel free to write articles! :)
      • We should post this list in the newsgroup and in other places (see press list)
  • Forums
    • Jason ready to submit more patches as soon as his patch in bug 396810 is checked in.
      • Nelson to check this in tomorrow.
  • Live Chat
    • Get started on the Live Chat front page [6]
    • Want Live Chat start page to be hosted on; Lucy to contact morgamic about it

2 comments on “Minutes of Weekly Meeting 11/27”

  1. Chris Ilias wrote on

    Actually, Jason wrote the search requirements page around a month ago.

  2. David Tenser wrote on

    I updated the meeting minutes to reflect that mistake.