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Improvements in Firefox Support

Last week, we upgraded with the latest changes from the staging server. I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the more useful changes.

Tags in This Article

Tags in This Article

All knowledge base article now list their associated tags in the sidebar. Previously, a list of all available tags in the knowledge base was shown instead, which wasn’t exactly ideal. Tags are a very powerful way to connect relevant articles together, which also makes them easier to find.

Related Articles

Related Articles

Articles that are closely related to the knowledge base article you’re currently viewing are now conveniently listed in the sidebar. This makes the article tagging more useful, and helps finding relevant content if you’re interested in a specific Firefox topic.

Unified Breadcrumb


Previously, the breadcrumb for SUMO itself was located under the article name, while the global breadcrumb was still at the top left corner of the page. The two breadcrumbs have now been neatly unified, making the SUMO website appear more integrated with

Better Top 10 List

Top 10 Articles

The Top 10 Support Articles list has been temporarily hard-coded instead of being automatic, because we were having a number of problems:

  • It listed articles that aren’t really articles per se, such as the start page itself, and the Contributor Home Page.
  • It made some of the articles in the other “New to Firefox?” box appear twice.
  • It used the accumulated page hits to calculate the rating, which is skewed towards old article.

Until we have fixed all issues, we will update the list manually on a weekly basis.

Better Log in/Log out Links

Log in

The information about how to contribute, and the log in link are easier to find now that they’re separated. In addition, it’s now easier to see if you’re logged in or not.

Log out

When logged in, the top right corner link changes to “My Account” and “Log out”. Small, but subtle changes making it easier to use the site as a contributor.

Speaking of contributors, there will be even more improvements next week that will make it easier for contributors to edit articles, and for reviewers to approve edits. Stay tuned for more updates!