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Minutes of Weekly Meeting 12/10

  • Sumo
    • Weekly metrics [1]
      • The 0.2 resync [2], planned early this week, will give us a lot more useful statistics
    • 0.1 [3] and 0.2 [4] status
      • morgamic has promised to work on the last 0.1 bug [5] this week
    • According to morgamic, we should be ready to (try to) switch the Support link on to point directly to SUMO
      • This depends on getting a link up on the start page to guide people looking for support on other products to another page. (“Not looking for help with Firefox?”)
  • Knowledge Base
    • In-product help plan [6]
      • Still haven’t heard from pascalc or axel
      • Responded to feedback from some of the l10n community
      • Need to formalize on a plan for the in-product help implementation, including caching, searching, table of contents vs search, etc
        • djst to talk to Nelson about search, morgamic caching, and mconnor + beltzner about implementation
    • Inventory of articles needed updating for Firefox 3
      • Chris to publish a list of articles that need to be updated for Firefox 3 (about 15 articles)
  • Forums
    • 0.3 status [7]
    • Forum launch activities
      • Estimation of traffic
        • The server traffic will probably not change much with the roll-out of forum
        • The number of comments in the KB articles is about 30 per week, which means we’ll see at least that amount of forum posts, most probably more since forums are more targeted at support
        • The question is whether or not we will find enough people to handle the volume
          • Getting people to volunteer in the forum is probably going to be easier than getting people to write articles — just look at the ratio of forum answers / article writers at mZ
      • Throttling
        • We should start by linking to both the mZ forums and SUMO forums, to distribute the load until we get a better overview
  • Live Chat
    • Server ready by the end of this week
    • Some things can and should be done before that, e.g. verifying privacy policy (djst), test preparations (Lucy), etc

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  1. Dave Miller wrote on

    The forum launch activities link is 404

  2. David Tenser wrote on

    Dave: Thanks! Fixed now.