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Firefox 3 Help Documentation?

As we’re getting a better overview of what to expect with the upcoming Firefox 3 release, it’s time to decide what end-user documentation we want to include in all locales. In Firefox 2, there is an in-product help available (Help > Firefox Help in the menu) with a specific set of topics.

The in-product documentation has traditionally covered the basics, such as how to navigate a web page, and references like keyboard shortcuts and the Options/Preferences window. While that general approach still makes sense, Firefox 3 includes new exciting features that we might want to cover as well. For example, Places and the “Awesome bar” might be features that we’d rather introduce our users to than how to manage cookies.

Since we are going to use SUMO ( as the new “in-product” help (technically, no longer in-product), we are planning on doing a content migration from the current content to SUMO for all locales that have translated content. This would save a lot of time for the localizers, who would then only have to update the content for Firefox 3, rather than writing (or copying & pasting) everything from scratch. The script is mostly done; we just need to decide what we want to do with the current content. What should be kept? What should be added? What should be removed? What about its structure?

I’ve started a discussion thread in Firefox 3 developers and support content writers: please join the discussion and help figuring out what content we need!

Note that the English version of SUMO will eventually cover all new features in Firefox 3; this discussion is just about the subset of articles that we want to declare as part of the in-product help experience, and as such, in need of localization/translation.

7 comments on “Firefox 3 Help Documentation?”

  1. jason wrote on

    My favorite saved websites from firefox 2 did not transfer over to firefox 3… How do I get them back?!!!


  2. David Tenser wrote on


  3. Austin wrote on

    I have no icons to close tabs, same goes for the Find function. Once I hit CTRL F to bring it ip, its there with no close X icon, same as tabs. I have been using middle mouse click to close tabs but I cannot do the same with the find bar.

  4. Nathan wrote on

    After installing Firefox 3.0 every time I click the exe file to open firefox nothing happens. Can’t seem to open it.
    please help!!

  5. Barbara wrote on


    Just installed FF3 and none of my previous Add-Ons will update.
    The Add-Ons window pane tells me it has found an update, and that the update will be installed upon re-start.

    Unfortunately, that’s where the problem occurs.
    It’s an endless loop — the Add-Ons NEVER update when FF is restarted.

    I’m using fairly popular Add-Ons like Web Developer, FireScribe and Sage.

    My platform: MacOSX most recent version of Leopard

    Any body out there experiencing the same?

  6. adele wrote on

    I installed FF3 a few days ago, and when I opened it today, it had dumped all of my bookmarks. It also won’t let me use the ‘back’ button, its grayed out. I uninstalled the theme I had added, but it didn’t do anything.
    Why is this happening, and what can I do to get my bookmarks and my back button back?

  7. Mac Gardner wrote on


    Thanks for the nice fix, this is the same issue we faced in our project.