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Minutes of Weekly Meeting 1/7

Here are the meeting minutes of yesterday’s SUMO meeting — our first meeting of 2008.

  • Sumo
    • Weekly metrics [1]
      • Live Chat launch was digged, causing a significant traffic increase.
    • In-product Help
      • Plan is to move forward with the in-product help import:
        • Final fixes of script and live server push on Tuesday
        • Start of en-US and fr import on Wednesday to evaluate with French localizer Cédric Corazza
      • Everyone, please join the discussion about what new articles to include for Firefox 3 [2]
    • This week, we’ll change the top link to Support on and to point directly to SUMO
      • Prepared for this last week by adding a navigation path to Thunderbird users
  • Knowledge Base
    • 27 articles written since last meeting
    • Over 50% of articles written by community members
  • Forums
    • Forum launched!
    • So far, near 100% answer ratio on new threads
    • Great help from the community (cor-el, Bo)
    • Needs more traffic, which should happen this week
      • djst made a very, very funny joke about posting some questions himself in the forum — it wasn’t well received
  • Live Chat
    • Live Chat launched!
    • Incredible community reaction, a HUGE thanks to everyone who helped us out during the first very hectic days in the middle of the holidays
    • At least 15 new contributors readily available to help Firefox users
    • Stats
      • Lucy to update the Weekly Metrics document to include the relevant stats for this and fill it in weekly, prior to the SUMO meetings
    • Software eval by contributors
      • Great, new initiative by some community members to draft a possible future live chat solution based on an XMPP plugin that could work with existing IM clients, e.g. Pidgin.
      • Will soon be moved to a dedicated wiki site

4 comments on “Minutes of Weekly Meeting 1/7”

  1. Doug wrote on

    Live cats beat dead cats any day!

  2. Doug wrote on

    Awww.. now my comment doesn’t make sense anymore (s/Live Chat launched/Live Cat launched/).

  3. Chris Ilias wrote on

    David, you made a joke?

  4. David Tenser wrote on

    Doug, thanks for the hint; I took the opportunity to fix the typo. :)

    Chris, well, sort of. :)