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Presenting the Winning Screencast

We are proud to present the winning screencast made by the one and only, Cameron Roy:

His video won because it best satisfied the four judging criteria.  For one, Cameron showed how to customize the toolbar, which is not the easiest concept to communicate or digest.  For many users, it’s a new concept to change around the position of the buttons that sit in the browser.  With his great video, Cameron really demystified how challenging this could have been for an end user.  The production quality met our standards with great timing and flow (not too fast, not too slow) and everything fitting well in the screencast.  Of course, we would not have chosen him if his video had not covered the concepts completely.  Finally, his screencast really matched the information in the article.  Users who read this article and view his screencast will have a very detailed explanation with an illustration of just how to rearrange the buttons on the toolbar.

This is exactly the type of screencast we were looking for – a visual medium to help translate and communicate technical concepts to a wider audience. Overall, a terrific effort by Cameron.  Nice work!!

The other winning screencasts will be announced soon…

One comment on “Presenting the Winning Screencast”

  1. Irwin Greenwald wrote on

    I am quite experienced in customizing toolbars, and I found the video useless! If it were slowed down by a factor of 50 or so, it might help someone.