SUMO is getting better and better — SUMO 0.7.2

A couple of weeks ago, the Firefox Support web site was updated to SUMO 0.7.2, which includes a number of bug fixes and a couple of new features. You may have already noticed some improvements.

If you have started a forum discussion, and get the answer you were looking for, you can mark the discussion as solved and rate the experience with solving your problem. It’s a great way to find out how satisfied users are with the forum.

Contributors looking to help people in the forum will then see that the discussion is marked as solved, and know to skip over it.

You can even set the forum to only display discussions with “Solved” or “Unsolved” status! There’s a drop-down menu called “Solved Status” at the bottom of the forum.

There is now a link at the top of forum pages (i.e. breadcrumb) to take you back to the forum list.

For a full list, you can see our list of SUMO 0.7.2 bug fixes. Remember that if you see any bugs on, or you’ve thought of a great new feature for the web site, you can let us know about it in the Contributor Forum or file a bug in Bugzilla.