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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2008-12-01

Attendees: djst, cilias, cww, zzxc


  • Weekly metrics
    • Not as much KB traffic as before — localization saturation?
    • Number of contributing locales would be interesting to monitor. cww to test if it’s possible.
    • New metric: Active forum contributors — contributors who have posted in at least 5 threads last week
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
  • cww has meeting with timr about QA/SUMO common support issue system

Knowledge Base

  • For IE users + ActiveX articles updated
  • cilias to update the Running Firefox on mobile devices article and also add info about iPhone. djst to ask PR for an official reason why we can’t/won’t/aren’t allowed release Fennec on iPhone.


  • Would be cool if the #sumo bot could track how many people click on its links to the Forum — could write a script for it (but would depend on better hosting of stuff like this on Mozilla’s own servers)

Live Chat

  • Traffic was up last week despite Thanksgiving.
  • 5 active contributors last week
  • 6 new accounts, 2 actually helping


  • Need SUMO tools server for stuff like foxkehbot, stats, queries. djst to talk to Laura about it.
  • We should have a welcome e-mail that’s sent out to people who register on SUMO (or Live Chat, which is still technically a separate registration). zzxc to write email template that we can use to send manual e-mails for now, until we have this set up automatically.
  • SUMO logo is going through the legal process until we can take it to the next step.

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