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Localize SUMO with Verbatim!

Thanks to a tremendous effort by Wil Clouser, it is now possible to localize the SUMO ( site UI using Verbatim. For those unfamiliar with Verbatim, it’s an online translator tool for various Mozilla projects, including It’s designed to be easy to use, encourage help from casual contributors, and provide a clear overview of the translation progress.

The addition of SUMO support means that localizers can use Verbatim to translate the site’s UI rather than using the somewhat clunky built-in interface on SUMO itself. Note that this is strictly for UI localization, not for translating Knowledge Base articles. That’s still done by clicking on the “Translate this page” link on actual articles.

Here’s how the dashboard looks like for SUMO:

Verbatim is still in alpha, but if you want to test this out, please drop by at #verbatim on right now and ping clouserw to get permissions (in Verbatim) to modify SUMO.  The actual translation process is still being worked on, but it’s already possible to start translating strings that will show up on the SUMO website once we import the changes (which will probably happen monthly).