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Support Localization – Top 20 Sprint and More

Hello, current and future Mozillians :-)

It’s time to update you about the current status of the localization clean up initiative proposed a while ago. After an initial outreach to hundreds of previously registered contributors around Mozilla, small groups of still active localizers were asked to try and reach the goal of localizing the Top 20 articles into their language.


With over 70 revisions submitted since the start of the Top 20 sprint, the Arabic locale is looking much better than in the last few months, mostly thanks to the amazing work of Ahmad who single-handedly is leading the Arabic content safely towards this month’s goal and beyond. I would also like to mention Tess and Ruba for their contributions so far. شكرا لكم!


Bengali is slowly rising thanks to the efforts of Nazir (thank you!) and hopefully will reach the Top 20 goal by the end of August. I hope to get more contributors involved thanks to Nazir’s very positive example. ধন্যবাদ!


The summer break is definitely not making it easy for our small team of localizers working on improving the situation of Bosnian localization across our Support site. Thanks to kicin the way to the Top 20 is a bit shorter, so we’re all looking forward to a final push towards this month’s goal. Hvala ti!


Kartik is trying to give Gujarati a bit more attention, but without additional help from fellow localizers it may be hard to get things moving. The upcoming regional l10n hackathon may have a positive influence on that! આભાર, Kartik!


With Hindi, I would like to call out Mahtab‘s great leadership and hard work on getting started with the whole localization campaign and his ownership of the review process. Not quite there yet, but definitely a great start. धन्यवाद, Mahtab!


With Tamil, we are still waiting to see whether there will be enough time and energy available for Support pages to be localized.


Two localizers – Dinesh and Veveen) have been continuously working on improving the situation in the Knowledge Base and it shows. I am pretty sure that with the final week ahead, they can get to the Top 20 and then start September setting their sights on the Top 50. ధన్యవాదాలు!

That’s right, once the localizers get to the Top 20, the next step is updating the Top 50 (including the Top 20 already localized, so actually… it could be the Top Additional 30 ;-)).

Of course, there is much more happening in the localization world around Support than just this one initiative. I would like to highlight the great work happening in different locales around and call out some of the most active people in the community at the moment.

Chinese (simplified)

Wengsheng has been one of the most prolific editors and reviewers in the recent years and continues to contribute with enthusiasm. 谢谢!


JimSpentzos is one of our quiet superheroes coming back after the summer break. I hope that with his leadership and example there can be more localizers joining his efforts soon and bringing Greek support for Mozilla’s products to everyone who needs it. Ευχαριστώ!


Kálmán is also still active for Hungarian and keeps making sure that users can find the most important information about Firefox (and more) in their language on our site. Köszönöm!


A Polish community site moderator by day, Krzysztof does not stop there and (among many other things) translates Support pages into Polish – and I am very grateful I can collaborate on this with him. Dziękuję!


Alberto, Claudio, and (especially nowadays) Manuela are a trio of localization greats that do not stop surprising me when it comes to making sure that Portuguese speakers find solutions to their potential problems with Firefox. Obrigado!


Lan has been around for a “mere” five years, but in that time has contributed to many projects around Mozilla with his localization skills, so I am extremely happy he still finds time to contribute to Support as well. Hvala vam!


Andreas is yet another Mozillian that I need to mention and can only applaud for his dedication and involvement over the years. Swedish may not be the most used language in Europe, but with Andreas it’s in good hands. Tack!


Ömer has been with us since last year and has already made his mark on the Turkish Knowledge Base, working together with Selim. With those two at the helm, I hope to see Mozilla reach even more users in Anatolia and beyond :) Teşekkür ederim!

So many languages, so many people, so many different stories and places they could tell… But I am very, very happy that a part of those stories would be about their involvement in making the open and helpful web a better place with Mozilla. I hope we will see more people inspired by them, joining the Mozillian ranks to keep the internet multilingual.

Speaking of which, I would like to invite everyone interested in localization at Mozilla to follow the news and updates posted on the official Mozilla L10n Blog – you may see some more Support-related content out there soon ;-)

I wish you all a great weekend! Keep rocking the helpful web!