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SUMO Days Firefox 62: you are invited!

Firefox 62 SUMO Days are around the corner! In a week!

On September 5th, Firefox 62 will be updating for both Desktop and Android platforms. Please join the community for the following SUMO Days focusing on answering questions from Firefox users on Twitter and in the Support Forums:

  1. Thursday, September 6th
  2. Friday, September 7th
  3. Monday, September 10th
  4. Tuesday, September 11th
  5. Friday, September 14th.

On these days, Support contributors will be online answering questions live and hanging out. If you do not see anyone active online, please contact Rachel (username: guigs) or another Administrator or Operator in the #sumo IRC channel listed in the wiki.

There is also the two Telegram channels that are active for assignments of tweets and collaboration. You may need an account to participate, so just send a message to social Telegram group – there are guidelines on how to set up Tweetdeck for social if you would like your own workspace, or you can message guigs to add your trello account to the trello board with delegated tweets for the day.

If you do not like live chats, you can check out our forums with all the updates for both social and support forum dwellers to collaborate on: Firefox 62 SUMO Days MozWiki page

Like Twitter and we have not seen you in a while? That is OK!

Welcome back! Please say “hello”! We have some new friends answering questions, you can ask them for help on the live chat IRC channels #aoa or #sumo.

We also have updated Common Responses that you can use when replying with the #fxhelp tweet tag.

If you need a quick reminder of how things work, please use the guidelines to get started again. We can always use your help.

See you online real soon!