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2009 — Making the vision for SUMO a reality?

Welcome to the future everyone! This is 2009, the year of opportunities and, if we’re lucky, a stronger world economy. Earlier this week — well, last year — I was writing about the accomplishments we made with SUMO as a project, a team, and a community in 2008. Now I’d like to spend some time to talk about our plans for 2009.

Back in September last year, I was writing a series of blog posts about what I called the vision for SUMO, which was largely based on ideas and suggestions from our vibrant SUMO community. For your reading pleasure, here’s the full list of blog posts:

This blog series wasn’t meant to remain just a vision. In fact, in 2009 we’re making it our goal! We’ve actually already started — the latest 0.8 release includes a number of significant achievements — but there’s much left to be done. Since the vision for SUMO was published, we’ve prioritized the individual goals and created an aggressive timeline that we’re confident will address many of the concerns we’ve heard from our community.

So without further ado, here is our ambitious development roadmap for SUMO in 2009!

It’s not easy to plan a detailed and accurate roadmap a whole year ahead, and as such not everything is set in stone yet. We’d love to hear what you think of our plans for 2009 and whether we’ve missed something you find important.

Also, we will definitely need more development manpower in order to pull this off. If you’re interested in helping out and have PHP experience, let us know or, even better, submit a patch to one of our 350+ open bugs! :)

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