Laura Thomson presenting at OSCON about SUMO

If you’re at OSCON, be sure to not miss senior software engineer, PHP guru, and SUMO lead developer Laura‘s presentation titled Scaling Firefox Support with PHP. From the presentation summary:

SUMO – – was launched as the official in-product help for Firefox 3. SUMO is built on top of TikiWiki (an open source wiki built with PHP and MySQL) which had never been used on such a large scale website before. In this case study we’ll cover the steps used to get SUMO up for Download Day and keep it up since. We’ll cover:

  • Systems approach and diagnosis
  • Profiling
  • Database architecture, replication, and full text search
  • Making caching work (in so many ways)
  • Tricks, hacks, and workarounds
  • Load testing: the architecture of our test cluster and tools and how we use them

The presentation starts at 1:45 pm in meeting room J2. Be there, or be sqrt()!