Updating the knowledge base for Firefox 3.6 – The Plan

Over the past month, the SUMO community has gathered a list of changes in Firefox 3.6 and determined which knowledge base articles need to be updated. We have been in contact with localizers and KB contributors to establish the update plan, and here it is:

The English update – this week

  • All updates to English articles will be done manually. If you would like to help, just pick a section in the Mozilla wiki page, and update the articles listed in it.
    • We will not be displaying Firefox 3.5 and 3.6 content separately (i.e. using SHOWFOR).
    • We will be using the “Mark other translations as out of date” checkbox when approving edits for 3.6. This will make the articles appear in the “Needs Updating” section of the Localization Dashboard, so localizers will know which translations are ready to be updated.
    • For screenshots, use Firefox 3.6 Beta 3.
  • We will also be creating a new article that walks users through the information they see in the new Troubleshooting Information page (a.k.a. about:support). (bug 528112)

Localization – now until release

A good way to get started, is to go through the list of articles that mention the “Main panel“, and change them to General panel (Main panel in Firefox 3.5)”. If you have any questions, just ask in the Contributors forum thread. Thank you!

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  1. Midna wrote on :

    I can’t wait for Firefox 3.6. Is it too late to suggest a feature for Firefox 3.6? I was wondering if there could be an option for new tabs settings so that it shows your homepage(s), blank page or page of your choice.

    We wouldn’t need to download an extra addon for that.