Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-01-04


Knowledge Base

  • 3.6 release week plan
    • 3 articles to update during release week (Installing Firefox on Windows, Installing Firefox on Mac, and Updating Firefox), and maybe an “updating to 3.6” article. cilias will lead that.
    • We will have daily meetings with developers to communicate any issues users are having. Cww will arrange that, when release date is set.
    • Live chat hours will be extended to 6 hours per day.
    • We should blog before 3.6 is released, to get people involved in the forum, and let them know we will be communicating any issues with the dev team, so contributors can pass on what they are finding as well and stay informed of the status on any issues.
  • EU browser ballot status
    • zzxc to finish up For IE users article today.
  • Awesome Bar vs. Smart Location Bar
    • Marketing team has been using the term “Awesome Bar”, rather than “Smart Location Bar”. We think it is best practice to follow the lead of marketing when it comes to these issues.
    • For article names, it would be best to use terminology that users understand (and use), so we are not obligated to rename the Smart Location Bar article to ‘Awesome Bar’, especially for troubleshooting articles. cilias to start thread in Contributors forum.


  • Traffic was up last week. Most likely because of holidays.
  • Don’t know how new forum status’ “me too” and “reply from OP” should be incorporated into metrics.
    • A “me too” post should not be included in answer rate, because those are mostly not attempts to help the original poster.

Live Chat

  • Lots of participation over the holidays
  • No new common issues, more “how to” questions over the holidays.
  • Openfire->Tikiwiki account integration on track
    • We will be trying a demo account migration this week for testing
      • No date for that push yet. Will bring it up in tomorrow’s sumodev meeting.