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Behold: the SUMO 2010 roadmap!

Back in October, we started the effort to solicit feedback and ideas from various people, including of course our wonderful SUMO community. I wrote about the three primary objectives for the SUMO project as a whole:

  1. To help people have a great Firefox (and by extension web) experience
  2. To provide key user and product insights to the Mozilla community
  3. To strengthen and grow Mozilla’s community

However, one thing that I didn’t mention specifically was our efforts in 2009 to make SUMO an open source support platform that can be used for other projects. A real example of that is the new Firefox Help for Mobile website, but other sites could follow in the future. Also related to this is our effort to improve the underlying SUMO platform to be easier to develop for, more performant, and more secure. These things all ultimately benefit our users and community and are important to focus our efforts on.

As a result, there are actually four primary focus areas for SUMO in 2010:

  • Improve the user experience
  • Get better insights about our users
  • Improve the contributor experience
  • Make the platform awesome


Based around these focus areas, we have prioritized developed a shiny roadmap for SUMO in 2010. It is primarily available in a fairly uninspiring spreadsheet, but as an alternative, it is also available in a more fancy slideshow format:

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped shaping the future of SUMO. 2010 will be a fantastic year for Mozilla!