Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-01-25


  • Weekly metrics
    • Ability to see ratio of people coming to support vs the ADUs?
      • Better question: How good was one release compared to another in terms of added support requests vs ADUs? Would be powerful metric to show to developers, to compare the relative traffic increase. Cww to investigate.
  • Last week’s weekly support issues
    • Lot of focus on 3.6. Assumed problems with Personas, didn’t happen. First day we figured out that the reason why people couldn’t see their bookmarks was the Torbutton extension.
  • EU Browser Ballot start page
    • cilias to create wiki page or contributor forum discussion where we settle on the content of the page so localizers can then start the effort of translating it.

Knowledge Base


  • People didn’t use the Troubleshooting Information as much as we were expecting. bug 541219
  • We should really thank Jesse’s brother who answered 120 questions!
    • On behalf of the SUMO community: Thank you!
  • Hosted design lunch on new forum design.

Live Chat

  • We did extended live chat hours last week for Thursday and Friday – 25 contributors!
  • Only about 30% of the users in Live Chat using 3.6, remaining using 3.5 (few on 3.0).
  • Java issues were more frequent than normal
    • General discussion about sharing insights about common issues between forum and Live Chat, since they’re sometimes not revealing the same trends. cww and zzxc to make sure they’re aligned and have shared data before putting Weekly Common Issues together and communicate to the rest of the Mozilla community.
  • We’re doing more extended hours this week (one extra hour on Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Tag data from the release

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  1. Thomas wrote on :

    Thanks for the update. Especially the KB “Notable edits” were very useful for translation.