Knowledge Base Audit

This is an exciting time to be joining the SUMO team because we’re in the process of writing a whole new platform. As the new Support Content Manager, one of my first priorities will be working with Chris, Kadir and the whole SUMO community to develop the PRD for the new Knowledge Base. It’s a great opportunity for me to jump in and help make things more useful both for Firefox users and SUMO contributors.

So, to get started and to help get myself up to speed on all things SUMO, I’m going through the whole SUMO experience and taking lots of notes as a Firefox user and as a SUMO contributor. I’ll also be looking at how other great support systems work. Along the way, I’ll report back here with interesting finds and ideas and I’ll be asking for your ideas and opinions. What I want to do is develop a list of things we can improve right away and list of ideas that we should consider working into the new PRD.

If you’d like to keep up with what is going on between blog posts, we’re collecting research and notes on the wiki.

[update 4/9/10: I changed the link to the wiki]