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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-04-07


Knowledge Base

Live Chat

  • Broken websites was the only issue that wasn’t solved in the majority of chats. (Hotmail, Yahoo Games, and Facebook games)
    • We don’t have any solution for cases where the latest Java plugin doesn’t work in Firefox 3.6 on Windows (0% solved)
      • Cww will ask AMO team about gray-listing old versions of Java.
    • Broken websites was also our top issue last week

Social Media

  • First results of the Twitter experiment
    • ~30 daily contributors would be needed to cover 1% of total tweets
    • Contributors felt it was worthwhile
    • Next step: Keep using CoTweet adding people to CoTweet based on trust level, and find a way to let people use individual twitter accounts.
  • Ricmacas report:
    • Twitter messages are short, so answers are not full but a guideline to help the user find the answer.
    • Twitter users are not expecting to get help, so they are generally appreciative right away.


  • IRC presentation at #sumo with Ricmacas: ensuring participation of SUMO volunteers with methods and activities to promote and recognize the good efforts helpers, making them examples for the community.
    • Something like “Friends of the tree” but specifically for SUMO, and with some sort of certificate the recipient can take with them.
    • The idea is good. We should discuss the details after the meeting.

One comment on “Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-04-07”

  1. Collin1000 wrote on

    Wish I had woken up earlier to call in, but I diddnt. In regard to the twitter thing, we need to figure something about the twitter limits – Every time I start helping out, I get rate limited. :/