SUMO platform roadmap for the rest of 2010: The timeline

Now that we’ve decided to develop a new platform for SUMO, let’s look at how it’ll be developed and how the transition will take place. Since SUMO consists of many components which can be developed one-by-one, Kitsune will be implemented in a series of releases rather than all at once. As each component is developed, it will replace the current SUMO code and we’ll essentially have a hybrid system until the transition is complete.

So what comes first and when does it happen?

  • SUMO 2.0 – Search results: April 2010.
  • SUMO 2.1 – Contributors forum and the Off-topic forum: May 2010.
    These are general discussion forums, and the goal is to move off of TikiWiki code while retaining functionality.
  • SUMO 2.2 – Support forum: June 2010.
    The Support forum has many features specifically designed for providing software support and is coded separately. Part of this goal is to redesign the support forum to make it easier for users to find answers without cluttering the forum with “me too” posts. Another part is to make it easier for community members to get involved and become contributors. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that the work has already begun on the redesign. For more information, see the PRD, and the previous blog posts.
  • SUMO 2.3 – Wiki: Summer and Autumn 2010.
    The wiki is what is used for the Knowledge Base, and other documentation (including localization). This is the most complex component and therefore we expect it to require the most time. We’ll also be taking this opportunity to redesign the KB as well, So for the next three months we will start working with the community to draft the details. More information about that process will be posted soon.
  • SUMO 2.4 – User management: Winter 2010.
    This last component covers items like login, log out, and preferences. For technical reasons, all other components need be done before this can be transitioned.

Once that last user management piece is in place, we will be fully transitioned to Kitsune. Any bugs found in the new code will likely need to wait (unless they’re severe) until the entire transition is finished before being addressed.