SUMO platform roadmap for the rest of 2010: Milestones and priorities

Last month, we blogged about the upcoming SUMO platform that will make SUMO much more enjoyable to use for users, contributors, and developers. Of course, SUMO 2.0 (codenamed Kitsune) can’t be written over night — it’s quite an undertaking to be honest — but it’s important that we do this as soon as possible.

Since development resources are limited and a project like this requires that we scrutinize our priorities, we’d like to make it clear that we will devote as much time as possible to Kitsune development. As a result, any work on the previous (Tiki) code will strictly be for maintenance purposes: unless a bug in the previous code simply must be fixed as soon as possible, it will likely not be worked on.

We will be making some changes to the SUMO milestones:

  • The SUMO 1.6 milestone is going be canceled. Any current 1.6 bugs will be moved to “Future”, but we will go through that list of bugs to make sure urgent bugs are fixed soon.
  • Any future maintenance releases to the current code will be updates to SUMO 1.5.x (1.5.3, 1.5.4, etc.).
  • All new Kitsune work is being targeted for SUMO 2.0 and newer versions.

This is going to require some patience from all of us who are waiting for a certain feature or a minor bug to be fixed. Most, if not all of those concerns can be fixed in Kitsune, and the sooner we switch to it, the sooner we will have a much faster and more reliable support platform.

We will blog more about the roadmap for Kitsune soon.