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Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-05-10


  • Weekly metrics
    • 24 hours of dataloss means that some stats will look weird.
    • Forum response rate is going up! It would be nice to get a list of top contributors. Cww to send that out.
    • Trended search terms are dependant on traffic, which makes them not trustworthy. Cww has a more reliable way of doing it, so he will fill in those metrics from now on.
  • Quick metrics gathering and common issues gathering flowcharts
    • This is an overview. More detailed documentation to come.
    • We can look at ways to enable community contribution in the process. (e.g. tagging threads)
    • The flow chart is good, but needs more explanatory text.

Knowledge Base

  • Kitsune KB PRD report
  • Helpfulness Tests:
    • How to set the home page rewrite
    • Profiles rewrite
    • Home page categories (needs review)
    • Embeded screencasts (needs review) To see the example, click on show for Mac os and the first video is the example. To implement, I’ll have to make new screencasts for the Windows version and add them to the current article and then construct the test page from that.
  • Verbatim documentation: I drafted an article and screencast but a solution for importing the current SUMO interface strings was found. The article will get split in two and rewritten as general Verbatim instructions.
    • Staś from the localization team is helping write a script to port strings over to Verbatim so localizers don’t have to retranslate strings as we move to Verbatim. (Yay Staś!)


  • no update

Live Chat

  • Results from informal contributor survey
    • Users more grateful in Live Chat (instant gratification)
    • Live Chat has a lot of contributor churn than the Forum. Fewer helpers are “lost” in weeks with fewer questions
    • A lot of contributors like the live chat workflow, and it has advantages for certain types of users.
      • How can we incorporate more of what makes Live Chat work into other methods of support, and how can we better focus our real-time support resources?
  • zzxc dropped from the call before he could get into this presentation, so he will do the presentation next week.


  • Starting to gather ideas for support-related activities during the summit.
    • Take advantage of so many sumo contributors being together in the same place.
    • Figure out how we can be more helpful to other teams in Mozilla.

2 comments on “Minutes of SUMO meeting 2010-05-10”

  1. Tiago Sá wrote on

    Great that response rate is going up! I started contributed like last week or something and it’s going very well IMO.

    One thing I would like to say, though, is that all contributors should always be polite to the users with issues and be always mindful of their role and relevance in terms of public relations (it kind of worries me that it’s so easy for anyone to create an account and start spreading harmful “advice”).

    The other day a user made a thread full of f**ks and whatnot, then all caps and stuff like that. He was very pissed and “threatening” to uninstall Firefox because his homepage kept resetting to default. For a moment, I was tempted to answer in an aggressive manner, say Mozilla doesn’t want users like him (which is true, to a degree at least) and that it’d be his loss. Or something along those lines. But then I found out a way that would definitely piss him off even more than replying aggressively: I was polite and replied in the very same way I would have replied if he’d just asked “why is my homepage always going back to default?”

    That kind of situation doesn’t arise very often, thankfully, but I believe minding our manners and being as helpful as possible is, by far, the best attitude to have. It will piss them off more than if we replied with insults or something like that, and they might even calm down and actually try to solve it.

  2. Kadir Topal wrote on

    Hey Tiago, thanks for contributing to the forums, you are helping not only those people who ask the questions, but also many, many more people who have the same problem and search for it. Also, I think writing in a calm way even to aggresive posts makes people realize how inappropiate their post was, it happened to me a number of times ;)