We’re rewriting SUMO from scratch and we need your help to get it right!

With 4 million visitors a week, 300 articles, translations in dozens of languages and many many contributors, we have very high demands when it comes to our knowledge base. That’s why, in designing this new platform we’re trying to approach this in a really comprehensive way. It’s not only a rewrite of the current knowledge base in another framework, but a step forward. If this new system fulfills our needs, chances are that it’ll be useful in a lot of other cases as well. So this is a unique opportunity to build a modern, open source knowledge base with resources from Mozilla and field testing in one of the most demanding environments. If you are a localizer, an editor or a Firefox user and want to contribute to that project, this is your chance.

For a few weeks now we’ve been taking the first steps toward this new knowledge base and now we need your help to make it great. Currently,  we’re collecting ideas about how the new system should work. So if you have an idea, no matter how crazy it might sound, head over to our brainstorming document and write it down. Don’t worry, it’s anonymous so no one will know it’s from you. If you have some more concrete ideas about how people should actually interact with the new system, maybe you can contribute to our context scenarios. There you can see what scenarios we’ve thought about already and add your thoughts about how interaction with the knowledge base should ideally work in a specific situation or over time.

You can also join our phone meetings. We meet twice a week, Tuesdays at 10am PDT and Fridays at 7am PDT to discuss our progress. You can find the phone info on our project page.

I’m also holding weekly meetings on IRC Wednesdays at 10am PDT in #sumoMtg where I talk about our progress and discuss everything SUMO.

And of course you can also just post your comments to this blog post and I’ll make sure we include them in our discussions.