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Mozilla Summit aftermath

Mozilla SuMo team photo
Our community, being too much awesome!

Just last week we came back from an awesome summit, where 600 Mozillians met to discuss the current status and the future of the Mozilla projects. It was a great event at an amazing location, the Whistler Valley, surrounded by snow capped mountains. Huge thanks to everyone who helped organize this summit; it was awesome indeed!

As much as we love communicating online, meeting in person is always special. Looking people in the eyes for the first time, after talking to them for month or years, plays a big role in why I love these meet-ups. For some reason it’s only during meetings like this, where we’re together with people for a long time, that we also get into personal topics and that helps to strengthen the relationship between all of us in the community. I for example had no idea that we had architects and lawyers in our volunteer community. I even met a computational linguist (very rare).

Since our community is spread all over the world it’s not easy to come together in one place and discuss things face to face. That is particularly true for the SUMO community. Because of that, we tried to make the most of this special occasion. Michael had a break-session about writing awesome documentation that pretty quickly turned into a fruitful discussion about localization and how its affected by the writing style in English. Then Cheng talked about how our support community can help other parts of Mozilla in their efforts, particularly QA and developers. It’s pretty cool.  If you are interested in finding out more, talk to us or Cheng directly.

The next day we had a get together with the community. We especially wanted to hear what localizers liked and didn’t like about our current support system. The summit was very timely for that since we are in the middle of the redesign of our support system. We got great feedback to incorporate into the design of the new Knowledge Base. I gathered the it all on a Wiki page. Check it out and let me know if you have something to add. You can see what is already planned in our Requirements document.

The summit was a great energizer and my thanks go out to all Mozilla contributors who work hard to make the web a better place for everyone