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SUMO in Taiwan

Moztw SUMO Party

At SUMO we work hard and we party hard, and sometimes we do both at the same time, like our SUMO community in Taiwan did. Ernest and Bob threw a SUMO party on Software freedom day and invited interested new contributors to collaborate on support articles and have fun together. The result is amazing: Almost all of the top 20 articles were translated and updated.

Note: Our top 20 articles help 50% of all visitors to our knowledge base. So one days work with lots of people will in the end benefit hundreds of thousands of Chinese speaking Firefox users who are looking for help. Awesome indeed! And Ernest was kind enough to write a blog post about his experience. Check it out here, and find out if you could do something similar in your country or for your language. We’ll do all we can to help you with it.

Thanks Ernest, thanks Bob!