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Beyond the ordinary: reaching out to Facebook users

Today we are celebrating Firefox’s 6th birthday. We’ve come far in that time with over 400 million people now using Firefox. Of course providing help to 400 Million people means that we have to move beyond the ordinary. Recently we assembled the Army of Awesome to help all of our users on Twitter and since Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet, we’re now adding support there as well.

On Friday we switched on a tab on our Facebook page, called ‘Need Help?‘. That page allows our users on Facebook to search the SUMO Knowledge Base and gives them a way to see a list of the most common support solutions at a glance.

We recognize that just providing great documentation on our site is not enough. We have to reach out to where our users are and provide them with a solution on the spot. The Army of Awesome was the first step in that direction; this is the next. Stay tuned because there’s more to come!