Mozilla Volunteer Survey: Let us know about your experience

The Mozilla contributor engagement team would appreciate 10 – 15 minutes of your time to learn more about your experience as a Mozilla contributor. Please take this volunteer-focused survey to help us make contributing to Mozilla better. This is the most important part of a contributor lifecycle audit that David Eaves is undertaking to assess the experience of volunteers within the Mozilla sphere. Please fill this out if you are a current or past contributor to Mozilla by Friday, Oct. 21st. We also encourage you to share it with fellow contributors or your local communities. Thank you!

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The aim of our audit is to get a sense of why people do or don’t get involved with Mozilla, why or why they don’t complete a project, whether or not they stay, how we can make this whole process better and more. David Eaves is working with Mozilla’s Contributor Engagement team to provide a set of recommendations that will help Mozilla improve the contributor experience. This volunteer survey is the most important part of his research!

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