What’s Up With SUMO – Feb. 6

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Big things this week

  • Next SUMO meeting – Monday, Feb. 13th (call in details & meeting notes) at 9am PST. Please add your comments, questions and updates to the wiki. You can also participate in #sumo during the meeting. We’re going to record and post a video of the meeting.
  • Next SUMO release – Tuesday, Feb. 7th
  • Video of the SUMO meeting (embeded below).
  • Our new search engine is serving 50% of our searches.
  • UX work is ongoing. We’ll be testing a new information architecture with users soon.
  • Home page experiment is working well. We got rid of lots of questions that were already answered by an article.
  • Cheng is working with Engineering and UX to do something about search hijacking.
  • Notes from this SUMO meeting.

One comment on “What’s Up With SUMO – Feb. 6”

  1. David Tenser wrote on

    Nice summary of the ongoings of SUMO this week. Thanks Michael for your continuous work on these videos!