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Welcome Madalina Ana, SUMO Community Manager!

I’m pleased to welcome Madalina Ana to the spectacular SUMO team! SUMO is betting a lot on organizing itself around community growth as the primary way to provide kick-ass support to our worldwide users of Firefox and its related services. Madalina joins this movement as our new community manager, and together with Rosana Ardila, who only had the luxury of being the newest SUMO hire for two short weeks, the two are forming a focused group of community experts that will help us grow and strengthen our community like we’ve never done before.

Madalina is from Romania, but is currently based in Dublin in the land where the hangover is always postponed until tomorrow. She previously worked at Google with user-to-user support communities and brings both people skills and hands-on community management experience to the SUMO team. She is also a football goalie in her spare time — we expect this skill to come in handy numerous times here at Mozilla.

Welcome, Madalina!

3 comments on “Welcome Madalina Ana, SUMO Community Manager!”

  1. Ziggy Maes wrote on

    Welcome Madalina, glad to have you! :)

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  3. Madalina wrote on

    Thanks Ziggy! Great to be here!