Contributor spotlight: Swarnava

Mozilla, and specifically SUMO, relies on the talents of our contributors to make a difference. This month we’d like to give a big shout out to one of our Top Ten Contributors: Swarnava Sengupta!

Swarnava has provided close to 2800 answers in our forums- that’s a lot of help! Even better, most of those are ‘first responses’- which are the crucial first steps to giving our users the help they need. Even more impressive is that he’s done all of this and entered the Top Ten in under one year.

He also helps translate SUMO Knowledge Base articles in the Bengali language. He hopes to become a forum moderator someday, but is already the Bengali Locale Leader.

User questions come for all types of Firefox problems- and Swarnava specializes in crash related issues and browser hijacking problems. His advice to new contributors is that you don’t need to be an expert to help- which is so true! He points out that there is no need to feel shy, as he isn’t a developer or an expert. It’s just a matter of showing people Knowledge Base articles that help with their problem- that’s it. He has a really good point, as no one starts out as an expert-and the more help you give, the easier it gets.

Swarnava works from Kolkata, India. He puts in online 24/7 support via mobile & also uses Twitter to help with Army of Awesome. This sounds like a lot- but even with the big time difference between Mountain View, CA and Kolkata we see him online all the time! When not online helping Swarnava is in school. In addition to SUMO & Army of Awesome, Swarnava helps test beta products for Kaspersky Labs and Symantec Corporation. He maintains Bengali translations on Utorrent, Malwarebytes, and for some Firefox Addons. This is pretty impressive for someone who is 17 years old! He also chats with Friends using texts or Facebook. It’s not surprising that his favorite hobby is using the computer- especially as he aims to become a Computer Engineer. I’d say he’s well on his way to a successful career! If you’d like to hear more from Swarnava you can find him [online, of course] at:

Blog post by Rebecca Billings, reposted from QMO.

8 responses

  1. Midhun M wrote on :

    Glad to see him, guide me very much on SUMO Malayalam localization

  2. Ibraahima Sarr wrote on :

    Not only an Firefox expert, he is also an well Mentor too.

  3. David Tenser wrote on :

    Fantastic! Great to put a face to the name. Swarnava, thanks for all your contributions so far — you make a very real difference to countless of Firefox users out there.

  4. Swarnava Sengupta wrote on :

    Thanks Guys :)

  5. Paul Booker wrote on :

    It’s really great to see this post for all the hard work this young man has done in helping others.


    Best, Paul

  6. Paul Booker wrote on :

    Look out for a heads up in this weeks about:mozilla newsletter :)

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  8. Vineel Reddy Pindi wrote on :

    Great work, Swarnava! Thanks for all your contributions. :)