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Firefox for Android getting started tutorial

The new Firefox for Android has all the functionality of the XUL implementation with tons more speed and support for Flash. In addition, the UI has been redesigned to streamline the menus and put them all in one place. On gingerbread, you’ll find them in the hardware menu key. This tutorial shows the app on ice cream sandwich, with the menu in the upper-right.

This tutorial was created with androidscreencast.jnlp, so the jerk and gradients are due to the frame-rate of the screencast. Get the awesomely smooth experience on your Android 2.2 device when it hits the Google Play store later this month.

One comment on “Firefox for Android getting started tutorial”

  1. Robert Kaiser wrote on

    As much as I like its speed and think this is what Mozilla needed on Android phones, I disagree with the statement of “all the functionality of the XUL implementation” as it misses a lot of the add-on customizability with overlays, etc. and the of-the-web feeling that working to improve or extend the XUL UI exposes – and that still brings up a few tears for a web-first organization like Mozilla. At the same time, the smooth and fast experience of the new Firefox for Android brings up enough cheers to make it the better alternative for this system.
    One UI complaint I’ve been hearing from testers of the new version though is that the location bar never goes away, which was a nice feature with the old version. Any plans to get something like that back?