Getting closer to 1 Million Mozillians

As you know, community is a critical aspect of everything we do at Mozilla. We simply couldn’t be as successful as we are today without the invaluable contributions of every single Mozillian. Last year we created a long term strategic plan to achieve 1 Million Mozillians, a goal that requires internal organization and scalable programs.

Because of this, it’s really exciting for me to announce that Rosana will be transitioning to take the role of Reps Program Manager, under Brian King within the Community Engagement group (a.k.a. just across the corridor).

Since joining 2 years ago, Rosana has brought structure and scalability to our Community Management initiatives. In coordination with Madalina, she has represented us in almost every continent (except Australia?), engaging with local super-heroes (creating a beautiful set of images around the topic too) and promoting the SUMO brand (something that is paying off greatly as we experienced at the Summit). Her efforts around the Buddy Program and Contributor Tools are just 2 of the projects that have dramatically increased the success of SUMO and Mozilla in general. I’m grateful for her contributions and really thankful for what she has enabled us to achieve.

Rosana having a blast with the team

Her move doesn’t do anything but reinforce the great work the whole SUMO organization is doing to enable volunteer Mozillians to participate and create value. With such an ally leading Reps I’m confident that the future is even brighter for SUMO representing our leadership in community involvement.

We are working on the transition plan as we speak. Rosana has kindly agreed to work with us to make this process as smooth as possible. In the meantime, you can contact me or Madalina to help you with anything that you may need help with.

Please join me in congratulating Rosana and wishing her the best in the new role.