What’s up with SUMO? 26 September

The summer is gone, and the days are getting slightly shorter (at least here)… Fortunately, we have a bunch of great updates coming your way to take care of the post-summer blues ;-)

New arrivals to SUMO – warm welcomes going out to:

Saturday AoA IRC meetup!

Bangladesh community chat

Spam reporting mechanism updates

  • Forum spammers beware! There’s a few new toys in the Moderator arsenal, thanks to our SUMO Devs working relentlessly on improving the moderation system. Everyone can expect much less spam in the upcoming months, as our automated systems learn how to handle unwanted messages better. More details here.

SUMO day summary

  • Our first (revived) SUMO Day took place yesterday, and the results are in… The highlights? 97% of the questions responded to in 24 hrs and reaching 100% in 72 hours! Huge thanks to everyone involved!

Localizers gonna localize

  • As of this week, we reached a record number of 199 confirmed and active localizers in SUMO. Way to go, SUMO l10ns!
  • Also, the forever amazing Bangladesh L10ns have completed the localization of all 42 Webmaker articles. Go, Bangladesh!

Forum redesign starting soon!

  • It is upon us – when you start noticing changes in the Support Forums in the coming days – let us know what you think!

This week’s Monday meeting YT recording

  • We’ve had a minor outage and that’s why the video is avaialbile only today. You can find it here. If you want to be regularly updated about our meeting recordings going live, please subscribe to the YT channel.

That’s it for this update, more news coming your way soon! Stay tuned and have a great weekend ;-).