What’s up with SUMO – 3rd October

Another week, another round of updates for your reading pleasure.

New arrivals to SUMO – say hello to:

“Go Bangladesh! Go India!” wrap up & update

  • I am happy to announce a very successful end to our community call for Bangladesh and India to localize Firefox OS update for the launches in both countries. Everyone involved did an amazing job, and we have already sent (or will be sending soon) our little “thank you” packages your way :-) An interesting fact on the side: did you know that there’s over twenty thousand words in SUMO about Firefox OS alone?

Monday Community Meeting update

  • If you follow our Monday Community Meetings, you may remember that we are changing their formula a bit, and inviting everyone to the table for a discussion around one subject each week. On Monday (6th of October), we are looking forward to talking to you about Army of Awesome. You can find more details and our agenda here, as usual.
    • This will also mean that you should see more of the “usual” Monday updates appearing here, on our blog.

SUMO Day next week (9th October)

The Forum Redesign – first mocks available

  • If you’ve been at the most recent SUMO Developer meeting, you may have seen Derek’s first mocks for the upcoming redesign. If you missed it, worry not – the recording is available here.

SUMO coming back to Twitter in October

  • We were there once, and we’re almost there again… yes, we will tell you where to find us, exactly ;-) SUMO on Twitter will be an extension of this blog – a place for you to get the latest news from the SUMO world and receive updates about our plans and things we like.
  • Don’t forget that to get help for Firefox on Twitter, you should summon the heroic Army of Awesome folks by using the #fxhelp hashtag in your tweet :-) Interested in learning more about AoA? Take a look here!

Remember: if there’s anything about SUMO you’re missing on our blog, let us know in the comment section – thanks!

…so, are you ready to have a good weekend now? See you on Monday!