Firefox 45 Launch Social Day and SUMO Day March 8, 2016

One little-known way to be a SUMO hero participant in SUMO this week is tweeting, posting on facebook and answering a support forum question. Come to the support forum for SUMO questions day. For the Release of Firefox 45 on Desktop and Mobile.

In the world of Social, Madalina is leading the first ever Social day for SUMO Support.  With the Army of Awesome and a new fancy tool called Sprinkler, Facebook and Twitter will not know what hit them if you decide to tune in and make a post. Before you know it you will be getting Facebook’s new emoticons. When you are tweeting, remember you can sign up to be part of the Awesome here.

I like that post!

I like that post!

See the etherpad to find out more about how you can tweet, like, and express empathy for Firefox users looking for support. It will take place all day on Tuesday March 8, 2016, the planned date for the new Firefox 45 release.

And two days later, if you missed Tuesday or cannot get enough (and think “my participation activity list must have some support forum question threads answers”), the forum SUMO day is happening in the support forum for 24 hours on March 10, 2016. Do not worry, expect a reminder. If you do not have an account yet, there are instructions on how to get one on our Get Started page.  When the questions come in, we will see you at the starting line in the forums.

This etherpad has instructions on everything you need to know regarding participation.

“If you are passionate about something, then you should pick up your flag and run with it” –Bette Midler, (singer, comedian b. 1945)

I hereby give you the license to participate and can’t wait to see you online this week under the banner of our mighty Firefox 45.

2 comments on “Firefox 45 Launch Social Day and SUMO Day March 8, 2016”

  1. Christopher Gwyn wrote on

    Please fix the problem with Adobe Flash crashing every few minutes and please re-enable Hulu. (Why you decided to stop allowing people to view Hulu in Firefox I have no clue.) Please fix these crashing problems. I am almost about to give up on you people.

  2. Marshalldoc wrote on

    Haven’t yet upgraded to ’45, but would like to state that the ‘group tabs’ feature y’all discontinued was one of my very favorite reasons for using FireFox. During the last few months before you took it off, the option (part of the primary program or an add-on, I don’t know) which provided backups of one’s grouped tabs at specified intervals, upon every shut down, and stored as needed as individual files was really wonderful and there’s nothing available to match it.