What’s up with SUMO – 10th March

Hello, SUMO Nation!

Good to see you again. How are you keeping? Planning something nice for the upcoming weekend? We hope so! Here are the most recent updates from the world of SUMO.

Welcome, new contributors!

If you just joined us, don’t hesitate – come over and say “hi” in the forums!

Contributors of the week

Don’t forget that if you are new to SUMO and someone helped you get started in a nice way you can nominate them for the Buddy of the Month!

Most recent SUMO Community meeting

The next SUMO Community meeting…

  • …is happening on WEDNESDAY the 16th of March – join us!
  • Reminder: if you want to add a discussion topic to the upcoming meeting agenda:
    • Start a thread in the Community Forums, so that everyone in the community can see what will be discussed and voice their opinion here before Wednesday (this will make it easier to have an efficient meeting).
    • Please do so as soon as you can before the meeting, so that people have time to read, think, and reply (and also add it to the agenda).
    • If you can, please attend the meeting in person (or via IRC), so we can follow up on your discussion topic during the meeting with your feedback.



  • Time for another blog post by someone who’s not me (how refreshing :-)) – tune in tomorrow to hear from Ghaith and the Tunisian community! I hear there will be cookies (at least in the photos)
  • Want to help us figure out how to deal with IRC, Telegram, and all that jazz? Jump into this thread!
  • Ongoing reminder: if you think you can benefit from getting a second-hand device to help you with contributing to SUMO, you know where to find us.


Support Forum

  • Social’s not the only space full of buzzing and rumbling. You also rocked the shack today during the SUMO Forum Day. Huge thanks to all the participants who made life so much easier for many users out there.

Knowledge Base



  • for iOS
    • Reminder: Firefox for iOS 2.1 with bug fixes and re-adding 3rd party keyboard support is out since Monday
    • Future plans, part 1 – Firefox for iOS 3.0 – will be submitted to Apple on March 22. If it gets approved in a timely fashion, the release window will be March 29 to April 7.
    • Future plans, part 2 – Firefox for iOS 4.0 – will be submitted to Apple on May 3. If it gets approved in a timely fashion, the release window will be May 10 to 19.

That’s it for now – but, as advertised, there should be at least two more blog posts this week. Let’s hope the blog can take it and won’t simply explode because of all this amassed awesomeness ;-) Keep rocking the helpful web, SUMO Nation! Over & out…