What’s up with SUMO – 6th February

Welcome to the first post in February… This being the shortest month, we’ll keep it short and sweet as well. Let’s go!

Hello There! Don’t Forget To Bring Friends!

If you’re not on the list and you joined us recently, remember to introduce yourself!

The latest SUMO Community meeting

You can find the agenda and notes here: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/sumo-2015-02-02.

Some of the archived recordings are still being dug up, but the latest one is available, thanks to Madalina snooping around the darkest corners of the MozNet… Hooray for the birthday girl! (You can skip a few minutes ahead to the start of the meeting proper, by the way).


Reminder: the next SUMO Community meeting…

  • …is going to take place on Monday, 9th of February. Join us live if you can! Details on how to do it and the agenda & notes can be found here.
  • If you want to add a discussion topic to the live meeting agenda:
    • Start a thread in the Community Forums, so that everyone in the community can see what will be discussed and voice their opinion here before Monday (this will make it easier to have an efficient meeting).
    • Please do so as soon as you can before the meeting, so that people have time to read, think, and reply (and also add it to the agenda).

Community shout-outs

  • Don’t forget to check out our Community Roadmap!
  • Huge thanks and congrats to everyone who helped answer all the English Android FF35 questions within 72 hours in the first 2 weeks of the release – you absolutely and positively RAWK :-)
  • Thanks to Satdav for setting up the public Mobile (FxOS) Meeting on Air Mozilla.
  • Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy return to feeling better after last week’s fluxtravaganza – it helped!
  • Kudos to Ioana and Benoit for taking care of our FOSDEM presence!
  • Additional Kudos to the awesome Brazilian crew representing SUMO at Campus Party Brazil!

Developer news

Forum news

  • Remember that we want to start using tags as soon as possible, so if you want to learn more about them, click that link and join the forum thread.
  • We had a small g-glitch in the dashboard, but all is well now. Coincidentally, the new metrics dashboard is coming closer and closer…

Knowledge Base news

  • Reminder: content updates for Firefox 36 are in progress. (Yes, this will mean more stuff to update for localizers).
  • Firefox OS 2.1 updates are starting next week, at a pace of 5 articles a week.
  • A lot of users seem to be trying to find out more about “Silverlight”, “VLC plugin”, and (of course) “Adobe Flash”.

L10n news

  • We have enabled a ton of African languages (Swahili, Igbo, Yoruba – to name a few – but not all!), and we’re up to enabling even more. New arrivals (with the latest push of updated Kitsune code) will be Gallego and Irish. As always – if you know someone who can localize into their native language, send them over!
  • Our amazing Bengali localizers finally have started receiving our little “thank yous”… It took a while, but thanks to Safwan and Centurion, it eventually worked out – hooray :-)

Firefox (+ OS, + for Android) news

  • Oh boy, Flash is being seriously problematic for a lot of users – stay safe and read more on our forums
  • On the bright side of things, Firefox 38 will be the next “BIG” release. Planned features are still being decided, keep your eyes peeled for more details around the intarwebz.
  • Calling all folks who can write Thunderbird articles in English: Now that Lightning is bundled with Thunderbird, the Lightning articles need to be updated. If you are Interested in helping out, get in touch with Roland! Email him at rtanglao AT mozilla.com or find him on IRC: rolandtanglao on #sumo or #tb-support-crew.

Whew… Don’t forget to let fellow Mozillians (and non-Mozillians) know that this blog exists and that we’re around on Twitter!

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