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What’s Up With SUMO 12th June

Hello there, SUMO fans and creators – how are you doing? Time to update you with the latest from our team.

We’re happy to see more of you joining!

If you joined us recently, don’t hesitate – come over and say “hi” in the forums!

Contributors of the week

  • John99 for being awesome in the forums and helping when needed.
  • Michael for his willingness to help new contributors.

SUMO Community meeting – Tiles Q&A

You can see the video from the latest SUMO Community meeting (and the previous ones, too!) on our YouTube channel (you can also subscribe to channel updates there). The agenda and notes are here.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated, asked questions, and answered them (yes, this means you, Patrick :-)).

Reminder: the next SUMO Community meeting…

  • …is going to take place on Monday, 15th of June. Join us!
  • If you want to add a discussion topic to upcoming the live meeting agenda:
    • Start a thread in the Community Forums, so that everyone in the community can see what will be discussed and voice their opinion here before Monday (this will make it easier to have an efficient meeting).
    • Please do so as soon as you can before the meeting, so that people have time to read, think, and reply (and also add it to the agenda).

Help needed!

  • We are renaming Thunderbird KB articles. You can add your suggestions for top 50 articles to this pad.
  • Reviewers! Please help us catch up on outstanding reviews for your locales (and also English updates to the KB).
  • We need your suggestions to fix a formatting bug on the Get Involved page – help us find a new, nice font for it and update this bug.
  • We are still looking for 2 SUMO localizers with an iOS device for each of the following languages: Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish, to help us test Firefox for iOS. If you’re interested, get in touch with Roland.


Knowledge Base

  • The third SUMO KB Day took place yesterday – if you could (or could not) participate, please provide feedback, so we can make it even better the next time around – thank you!

Firefox (Desktop, OS, Android) & more

Firefox Desktop

And that’s a wrap! Which reminds me… it’s dinner time here! Have a great weekend and take it easy… and see you on Monday!