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What’s up with… SUMO Buddies?

Hello, SUMO Nation! Since some of you asked what exactly is going on with SUMO Buddies, here is a post to refresh your memory and take another step towards a nicer, more connected and global SUMO community.

Back in January, I gave you an update on what we discovered as we tried to organize the idea of SUMO Buddies a bit more. The TL;DR version of this is: we don’t want to stop you from being excellent to each other by overcomplicating your natural kindness and friendliness. We do want to make sure you get recognized for it and everyone in our community knows that you are someone they can rely on for help. We also want everyone to be open and transparent about the reasons they think you are awesome.

To this end, here is a new sticky thread in our forums where you can nominate others to be recognized as SUMO Buddies. Go forth, nominate and keep being excellent to each other!