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Want to be a star in a SUMO video? Keep on reading!

gi-hero-questionsDear SUMO Warriors (and everyone else reading these words)!

A SUMO video?

A SUMO video! We would like to put together a fun video with your help – a video to show what SUMO is about, in an entertaining way. We want users around the world to have an instant visual reminder that the great community around Mozilla (yes, this means YOU!) have their back when trouble and errors strike.

How can you get involved?

It’s super simple!

  • Record a short (2-5 seconds) video of you, your family or friends experiencing “problems in front of a computer”.
  • Make it fun, but obvious that the person (or people) using the computers are not having a good time and they need help.
  • Record the video in .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4 or in .AVI format.
  • Send the video via email to Michał or Madalina

More details as we get the videos from you!

Go forth and record! :-)

2 comments on “Want to be a star in a SUMO video? Keep on reading!”

  1. Michael Buluma wrote on

    ‘Go forth and record! :-)’
    Nice one Vesper :)

  2. Marko wrote on

    Haha, good one… If you’re willing to wait for a few days, I’ll try to record something with my friend. What will the video be used for? (just curious :)